hamami santis

Senior Operator / Control Room Operator

About Candidate

I graduated from electrical engineering and I have experience as a Field Operator in Petrochemical Plant Indonesia about 11years, experience as CCR Operator in OIL/Gas plant in Abu Dhabi / GASCO about 10 years and CCR Operator in utility/power generation for Ammonia plant Indonesia from 2017 to 2022.



Bachelor Degree 2005
Electrical Engineering

Work & Experience

Senior Operator /Control Room Operator 2017 - 2022
Panca amara Utama

assigned normal operation and work involved in front line operation through DCS (Honey well TDC 3000) monitoring power generation (steam turbine generator, gas engine generator, and diesel engine generator), package boiler, nitrogen plant, instrument air/plant air, desalinated water, cooling water, tubular reactor, purification section, methanator, ammonia synthesis reactor designed by KBR, Steam reformer, Distillation, Steam generation, Water treatment, Jetty for Liquid ammonia product export, fire water and sea water system. Key Responsibilities/operations Boiler, Steam Letdown System, Power Generation (Steam Turbine, Gas Engine & Diesel Engine Generator), Demineralization Water, Desalination Water, Sea Water Intake, Chlorination, Waste Water Treatment, Cooling Water System (Open & Closed Cooling Water), Plant Air & Instrument Air System, Nitrogen plant (Air Liquid & Messer), Oily Water Treatment, Fire Water System.

Senior Operator / Control room Operator 2007 - 2017
Gasco - Abu Dhabi

• Make inventory stock and Calculation stock • Update status document of Operation. • Make shore report activities. • Monitoring Product level tank. • Make daily operation report through MAXIMO system • Make a summary after loading/discharge. • Controlling flow nitrogen blanketing. • Make stop gauge level and Estimate Time Completion (ETC). • Issuer permits to work. • Receipt work order activity from logistic. • Make risk analyst /assessment and revision Work Procedure. • Monitor quality of rundown tanks from DCS YOKOGAWA VP and compare with Lab result • Blending operation for LPG and Pentane • Ship loading and unloading operation for Propane, Butane and pentane. • Make maintenance work order through MAXIMO system • Inter country pipeline multi products operation from/To Ruwais refinery for Pentane product. • Control gas recovery system / BOG. • Saving flue gases and natural gas going to flares for protecting environment. • Preparation of cleaning of Pentane Tanks and LPG Tanks. Key Responsibilities/operations Monitor flow rate and vessel cargo calculating between vessel/ shore during process loading or discharging, conduct safety inspection based on ship/ shore safety check list, clear radio communication, Gauging ullage, Tank to Ship ( Loading Operation), Tank to Tank (Inter Tank Transfer Operation), Stocking tank Product per monthly, Line up system for prepare loading to vessel, Check roof for external floating roof tank, Tank Water Draw Off (WDO), De-gassing tank and Commissioning /De-com tank after cleaning the tank, Preparation of all Pressure safety valves (PSV) for calibration in Oil Movement Area, issuer work permit, monitor Flare gas system, Packing line before star the pump, Monitoring current pump from substation and control room, Monitoring pressure pump & Check leaking system, Stripping line after loading, Follow maintenance job for Preventive, schedule and break down maintenance, To ensure samples are collected and recorded properly, To ensure running pumps are in good order, To assume the role of auxiliary fire fighter during the event of emergency, To supervise the blinding/de-blinding work, Operating power hydraulic Marine Loading Arm, and Gang Way, Pre arrival checklist, Connecting MLA, Fire Fighting system, test run Engine diesel fire pump and able to operate fire monitor jetty, Berthing / un-berthing vessel, Clearing MLA before disconnect, Monitoring (MMS) Mooring Management system. As Comissioning team & Start Up team 3rd NGL plant from 2009 to 2012 scope of work; • Mechanical Completion walk downs for all the piping equipment and instrumentation systems. • P & IDs and isometric checks during construction phase. • Hydro-test witness, Flushing and air blowing and leak test and drying activities. • Single Signal, Multi Signal and Emergency Shut-down (ESD) Interlock checking. • Pre-commissioning, Commissioning, Start-up and stabilization of the following units below: o Propane Storage (Double wall) tank capacity 100.000MT/unit – 5 unit o Butane Storage (Double wall) tank capacity 100.000MT/unit – 5 unit o Pentane Storage (floating roof) tank capacity 250.000MT/unit – 3 unit o C3/Propane Blower capacity 60m3/H each - 4 unit o C3/C4 Flash drum capacity 300m3/H each – 4unit & o C3/C4 Rundown pumps cap 100m3/H – 16 units o C3/C4 MOV platforms o C4/Butane Blower capacity 60m3/H - 4unit o C4/Butane condenser capacity 60m3/H – 2unit o Jetty & loading facility capacity 600.000DWT each – 2unit o Flare capacity 240m3/H each - 2unit As a Process Field Operator (Ruwais plant site) from 2007 to 2009 scope of work; NGL FRACTIONATION PLANT: Raw NGL and LPG+C2 enrichment as additional feed Fractionating into three fractionation columns: De-ethanizer, Depropanizer, Debutanizer (De-C4 bottom product is pentane+). C3 and C4 fraction treated to remove Sulphur compound and water, before sending to SRU. While the main product are C3, C4, C5+ send to storage tanks. Key Responsibilities/operations • Handling and operating of De-ethanizer, Depropanizer, and Debutanizer column distillation. • Operating Refrigerant compressor system. • Operating Regeneration Gas Heater and Molecular sieve dryer System. • Operating BOG (Boiled Off gas system to maintain temperature and pressure of storage Tank). • Operating SRU / Sulfur Recovery Unit (Claus system, Thermal Reactor, MDEA / Amine system, absorber and regenerator, Burner/Waste Heat Boiler, H2S and SO2 Reactor, Incinerator) • Regeneration of tubular catalytic reactors which is used producing Sulfur Granulate. • Regular checking and taking reading Power Generator System in terms of Gas turbine GE.

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