Hadi AlMumayez

Software Engineer
August 27, 1994

About Candidate

* Software Engineering: Proficient in designing, developing, and delivering high-quality software solutions. Skilled in multiple programming languages.
* Database Development: Experienced in working with various relational databases, including Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. Proficient in writing complex SQL queries, optimizing database performance, and designing effective data models.
* PL/SQL Development: Expertise in developing PL/SQL packages, procedures, and functions. Proficient in utilizing Oracle tools such as Toad and PL/SQL Developer for efficient database development and management.
* Back End Development: Skilled in building RESTful APIs using frameworks like Node.js and .Net. Familiar with concepts such as API design, authentication, and data validation to create robust and secure back end systems.
* Data Analysis: Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with experience in data visualization, statistical analysis, and data-driven decision-making. Proficient in tools like Python libraries (NumPy, Pandas) and data visualization tools (Tableau, JasperReport).
* Team Collaboration: Excellent team player with effective communication and interpersonal skills. Experienced in collaborating with cross-functional teams to deliver successful projects on time and within budget.



BEng in Software Engineering 2019
Yarmouk Private University

At Yarmouk Private University, I pursued a Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering, which provided me with a comprehensive foundation in the field of computer science and software development. Throughout my studies, I gained a deep understanding of the theoretical principles and practical applications of software engineering. The curriculum at Yarmouk Private University emphasized a multidisciplinary approach, combining technical knowledge with problem-solving skills and critical thinking. I was exposed to a wide range of subjects, including programming languages, algorithms and data structures, database management systems, software architecture, and software testing. One of the highlights of my academic journey was the opportunity to work on various group projects, where I collaborated with fellow students to develop software solutions. These projects not only enhanced my technical skills but also honed my teamwork, communication, and project management abilities. Through these experiences, I learned how to effectively work in a team, meet project deadlines, and deliver high-quality software products. The university also provided access to modern software development tools and technologies, allowing me to stay updated with the latest industry practices. I had the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with popular programming languages, integrated development environments (IDEs), version control systems, and project management tools. This practical exposure equipped me with the necessary skills to tackle real-world software development challenges. Furthermore, the faculty members at Yarmouk Private University played a crucial role in my educational journey. They were highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals who guided and mentored me throughout my studies. Their expertise and support not only facilitated my academic growth but also inspired me to continuously strive for excellence in the field of software engineering. Overall, my study of Software Engineering at Yarmouk Private University provided me with a solid academic foundation, practical skills, and a passion for software development. It prepared me to take on complex software projects, adapt to evolving technologies, and contribute effectively to the ever-growing field of software engineering.

Work & Experience

Software Engineer 2019
Tatweer LLC

* Key role in developing Mahrukat-SADCOP ERP System for managing and distributing petroleum products. * Developed PL/SQL packages, procedures, and tables for ERP system's business logic. * Created TAPI and CAPI, utilized .NET for RESTful API development, enabling seamless database-frontend communication. * Designed visually appealing e-reports using Jaspersoft Report for data visualization and insights. * Collaborated with cross-functional team to design and implement systems, structures, and databases. * Utilized Git, Toad, PL/SQL Developer, and Jira for version control, database development, and project management. * Implemented team coding in Toad, enhancing collaborative PL/SQL development with Git. * Strong testing abilities using Jira for test cases, bug tracking, and quality assurance. * Recognized with two promotions for performance and achievements. * Engaged in customer meetings, understanding requirements and effectively addressing issues. * Mentored and guided junior employees, facilitating their professional development and skill acquisition.

Fresh developer and tester 2017 - 2018
APPA Groupe

Fresh developer and tester, gaining hands-on experience. Built backend applications and RESTful APIs using Node.js and Express framework. Contributed to project design, development, and implementation. Utilized Agile methodology and Jira for efficient project management. Ensured software quality and compliance through test plans and bug reports. Provided input for code quality and user experience improvements. Strong understanding of software development best practices and version control. Demonstrated adaptability and willingness to learn new technologies.


Jaspersoft Report
Database Development

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